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21st Century Learning for the next generation of software engineers

What is 42 Wolfsburg?

42 Wolfsburg: a full-time programming education where you start from absolute scratch and graduate as a highly qualified software engineer in 3 years! Through our world-class curriculum, you learn with your peers, develop projects, and earn points to pass levels - just like a game.


Much more than a better way to learn

An elite coding school for everybody! We equip you to be ready for today's world, to adapt and tackle future challenges.

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We are disruptive

Our curriculum is developed by renowned computer science experts in collaboration with businesses. We continuously update it to provide a lasting foundation built on both hard and soft skills.


We are inclusive

No degrees or previous coding experience required. drive & curiosity is all you need to discover your true potential & gain access to high-quality education.


We are flexible

Tailor your schedule and learning pace to your needs with our 24/7, 365 days a year open campus. We set milestones, but you take charge of your time and learn when you feel most productive.


We cover your fees

We are on a mission to demonetize access to programming education. Everyone deserves the opportunity to develop their programming talent and accomplish their dreams.

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42 Wolfsburg is part of the #42network, a private, non-profit, tuition-free world-class software engineering school. Our first campus opened its doors in 2013 in Paris. Since then, we became a worldwide network that unites over 30 campuses and trains 10.000 highly qualified engineers per year.


5.000+ Alumnus & 10.000+Students worldwide
30+ campuses in 20+ countries ·
Average of 3 job offers before graduation for each student
2 schools in Germany (Heilbronn and Wolfsburg)

“42 Wolfsburg will be the perfect school for the talented students interested in a mix between Hogwarts, the MIT Media Lab and Ferdinand Porsches Meisterschule”

CEO & Headmaster of 42 Wolfsburg

“42 Wolfsburg is in many ways a revolution in the educational landscape for me. It is a TOP software school without any admission requirements except talent, a school with a high quality, gamified education without teachers, that produces graduates that are globally sought after. It is a trailblazer for the future of education.”

President 42 Wolfsburg e.V.
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