• Register on our Admissions Platform
    10 Min

    42 Wolfsburg is accessible to everyone, because no previous education, coding experience or diploma is required. To apply you only have to be over 18 and have a strong appetite to grow. We believe that everyone can learn to program wherever you come from!
  • Pass the online Logic Test
    2-3 Hours

    After registration, you will play two online games. The games are logic-based and will take at least two hours to complete. Pausing is not possible, so try to work in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. The games must be completed on your own, as self-learning and independence are critical to success at 42. If successful, you’ll be invited to the Check-in.
  • Check-in
    1 Afternoon

    The check-in meeting is part of the admission process and your chance to get a feeling for 42 Wolfsburg. During the meeting, you’ll be able to learn more about the program, meet the staff, and ask any additional questions you may have.
  • Piscine
    4 Weeks Coding Bootcamp

    The Piscine (French word for pool) is an immersive four week training at our campus in Wolfsburg, which is the final part of our admission process. It will give you a great taste of our education model and allow you and us to find out who is a good fit for the program. Everyone dives into the deep end of coding and you learn to swim together. You don’t need any prior coding skills, just be open and ready for hard work. You can find more info about the Piscine here.
  • Studying for about 3.5 years

    The candidates that love and are a good fit for 42’s rigorous environment, those who successfully complete the Piscine, will begin their studies in May 2021. This is when you’ll become a real programmer - juggling code, projects, and deadlines every day. By they way, you decide when you have learned enough and want to accept a job offer - more than 60% of students get an offer after their first internship. We‘d love to see you leave, but we know you will keep learning and growing and stay connected with the 42 spirit!