After 42Wolfsburg, the world is your oyster. You can start your own company, transform the automotive industry or rock it in a large tech firm or a start up. The sky’s the limit! Once you graduate from 42 Wolfsburg, you won’t just know how to code, more importantly  you know how to effectively learn anything you want. So this means not only that you can bring your skills to any field and improve it, but that you can handle any new situation. There are many alumni from 42 who have significantly advanced their professional fields. Check out what they have done after graduation below.


The skills you acquire at 42 Wolfsburg are not limited to coding languages, software engineering or any particular industry. More importantly, you will have understood how to acquire new skills and how to learn new concepts with ease. Your 42 learning skills will help you to stay curious and up to date, giving you the confidence to tackle new challenges coming your way. In an ever changing world, these are the skills that matter throughout your career as well as in your private life.

42 schools all over the world have 1000s of alumni, so we know how well they have done:

  • On average, every student receives 3 employment offers during their studies
  • Every student completes 2 paid internships which equips them with relevant work experience
  • Projects, particularly in the final year, create a strong portfolio of skills relevant to what companies actually need today.


Below are examples of positions currently held by former 42 students and their average annual salary.






The curriculum allows students to develop a set of 17 skills, including both soft and hard skills, e.g.: group and interpersonal experience, parallel computing, algorithms and machine learning., etc.  When creating a new project, the education team will assign relevant skills to it. Upon completion you will earn experience points for these skills, allowing you to develop know-how in a specific domain by selecting projects that you like.

The freedom of choosing your own curriculum gives everyone the opportunity to experience their unique journey towards building up their own skillset. Each student graduating from the school is therefore unique.

When we plot each student’s choice of curriculum on a graph, we get a unique view of each skill set. Some have really found their passion in a specific domain. It’s up to you. Here you can see some examples of these digital prints from real alumni.


We are just getting started in Wolfsburg, but there are 42 schools all over the world offering the same curriculum and environment. In the globalized world we live in, we expect our students to take a similar path once they graduate. Here you can see some profiles and maybe it inspires you to join the same ride!


There is a huge demand for techies in today’s world, across all sectors. More importantly, companies don’t just look for hard skills, they increasingly are looking for their employees to be quick learners and adapt to new circumstances. Companies know the value 42 Wolfsburg can bring. See for yourself!