Software Engineering Automotive & Mobility Ecosystem (SEA:ME)

With Volkswagen as co-initiator, our aim is to reshape the digital future of automotive innovation and work towards developing open sustainable standards for our mobility ecosystems.


One of 42 Wolfsburg’s main objectives for the next 1.5 years is to introduce a specialization in Software Engineering Automotive & Mobility Ecosystem (SEA:ME) into the already established curriculum pioneered by Ecole 42 in Paris. With the support of our expert 42 Fellows from companies like Volkswagen, Bosch and Daimler and academics from institutions like TU Braunschweig, Ostfalia, TU Munich or TU Berlin we aim to contribute to a more open, inclusive, and future-oriented mobility ecosystem by teaching state-of-the-art technologies, open architectures, and agile practices.


Through hands-on gamified projects, our students will learn about technical architectures for automotive software engineering, they will tackle questions of sustainability and connectivity and they will be free to experiment in a controlled environment using all sorts of software and hardware tools offered in our FabLab. Through the education of students at 42 Wolfsburg and in the other organizations that choose to use our educational resources, we intend to bring a fresh mindset to existing and new companies promoting a holistic, inclusive, and sustainable understanding of mobility.


Besides the partnership programme for companies, we also offer individuals the opportunity to get involved with 42 Wolfsburg. For this purpose, we have set up two programmes: the Academic and the Industry Fellowship, to give our students access to potential mentors or exciting projects, and to further improve 42 together with the Fellows. How exactly we have designed the fellowship programmes, who we are looking for, what Fellows can expect from us and how to apply in just half an hour can be found in detail for each of the programmes below.