“In 4 weeks at the 42 Piscine I learned more than in one year at the university”

42 Alumni

An experience of a lifetime.

The 42 Bootcamp (Piscine) is a 4 week-long immersion in the deep-end of what 42 is all about: Peer to peer learning, project driven challenges, collaboration with other students, and coding, coding and coding - and it works even if you have never done any programming before. We start with the basics, with your first lines of “Hello 42 World” code, before moving to more complex projects.

The Piscine gives you the opportunity to find out what 42 really entails and discover its unique culture, approach to learning and what coding is like. It gives you and us the chance to evaluate whether 42 is for you.

The Piscine is a requirement for final admission into the 42 program. It allows us to identify the most committed and enthusiastic students that also represent the collaborative spirit of 42. If you love the 4 weeks of the Piscine we are quite sure 42 is a match for you and that you will become a happy and successful student with us.

To qualify for the Piscine, you need to complete the registration and initial exercises which is a first taste of algorithmic thinking mixed with trial and error learning.

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How does it work?

The Piscine lasts 4 weeks, 7 days a week, day and night, during which you will work on coding projects and exercises. An important part is that you will review and give peer-feedback on the work of your fellow students; many times helping them to solve an issue when they get stuck. At 42, there are no teachers, no professors, instead you learn from your peers,through discovering your own solution and yes through learning from youtube and exploring the googleverse.

Importantly, during the Piscine, we will offer you options to sleep close to 42. Sometimes students happen to crash at the school to focus fullyon coding! But we advise you to use the sleeping options we provide or search  for a room, shared apartment, or a flat for this intensive month.

The next Piscine at 42 Wolfsburg is scheduled for February 2021. We will let you know the exact dates soon. Attendance in person is required, so you really get to know your peers and experience the learning environment in full.

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What else to consider?

Accommodation - Where can I live during the Piscine?

If you don’t live in or around Wolfsburg, we can help you with accommodation. We also have a few dormitory spots, which we will allocate on a first come basis. Please do get in touch with us if you can not afford our housing options and we will seek to find a solution..

Capacity - How many peer learners participate in a Piscine?

Each Piscine has a capacity of 150 students and they tend to get oversubscribed so we recommend you start tackling the admission challenge asap. That said we are planning another session in March and one in April 2021.

Outcome - When will I know if I can come in June?

We will announce who will be eligible for the entire 42 program 2 weeks after the end of the Piscine. We will send you all an email with the outcome.

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