42 is an innovative, higher education software engineering school set out to redefine formal education by unraveling the potential of students of all levels through project based peer-to-peer learning. The 42 approach is adopted by a network of schools all over the globe. At 42 Wolfsburg, we sail under all colors, genders, and ages and care for each other. We give you access to real-world experiences to grow your portfolio as a software engineer in a number of fields, putting you in the driver seat of your career.


Currently, the demand for software engineers in Germany, Europe and internationally is growing faster than ever. In 2019, the Institute for Employment Research in Germany has reported over 20,000 vacant jobs that require skilled IT professionals in Germany alone. Having a University degree is not a prerequisite to fill this gap. Today, recruiters look for new hires who have experience working on real-world projects. 42 Wolfsburg is here to guide those wanting to acquire the experience required to meet these job market needs and create solid foundations to propel students into prosperous and happy careers.


We are a diverse team here to help you grow, learn and succeed. Each of us have our specific roles, but we all share the same goal: to make your experience at 42 Wolfsburg the best you could wish for.

Max Senges

Headmaster & CEO

Max leads 42 Wolfsburg and is busy bootstrapping the school's operations, setting partnerships, and strategic evolution. Before 42, he spent almost 11 years at Google, where he worked as Lead for Research Partnerships and Internet Governance. For more than 8 years, Max works and collaborates with Vint Cerf on Internet Governance, interoperability, and open standards

Jan Behrenbeck

Pedagogy Lead

Jan has spent the last 5 years pushing innovation in education at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) by co-creating and leading initiatives such as Think.Make.Start. In January 2021 he joined 42 Wolfsburg as Pedagogy Lead to bring a new learning paradigm to the masses. While 42 primarily focuses on students developing excellent software engineering skills he also wants to emphasise the generation of agency, entrepreneurial thinking and leadership.

Janett Kalina

Operations Lead

Janett leads our operations and, in that function, nails down contracts as well as boards, planks and picture frames. Before 42 Wolfsburg, she was CEO at a Berlin-based agency for digital citizen participation after being CEO and co-owner of a mobility consulting firm for 7 years.

Pratikkumar Prajapati

Tech Lead

Pratik started his career as a game developer for 3 years. When he got inspired by car racing games, he switched to the automotive industry as a software engineer. With this experience in hand, he is ready to embark on the 42 journey where he will be sharing his knowledge with students and contribute to an open source software community!

Sandra Mavunga

Hospitality Lead

Sandra leads our hospitality department. Having worked within the hospitality industry for the last 6 years, she will be at the forefront of making sure that students experience the 42 in its entirety, whilst creating a welcoming environment.

Vladimir Tudakov

Social Media Manager

Vlad is passionate about the social and creative side of technology. He wants to try and make the future of the tech industry more diverse, inclusive, and socially responsible. After finishing his studies in New Media and Digital Culture, he joined 42 Wolfsburg to help build its community and spread the 42 mission on social media.

Lotte Hagemann

42 Student & Junior Developer

Lotte, 25, has found her love for problem-solving programming while attending the piscine in September 2018 at Codam (42 Amsterdam). Before 42, she finished studies in Media Design Game Artist, learning the ins and outs of what it takes to create art for video games.

"I've always been eager to learn. In high school, I taught myself to code a little bit and make websites in WordPress. After high school, I started working at a digital marketing firm, but after two years I had the urge to learn more about programming. Looking for schools, I came across 42 and it was a perfect match, I can learn how I want to, with awesome people around me. Next to all the hours spent at 42, I work as a freelancer trying to sustain myself."

Wendell Misiedjan / 24

"At 42 you learn so much. This is also because 42 is a very different way of learning, peer-to-peer. This means that there are no teachers, but the students always help each other to move forward. If I don't know something, I ask another student. And if I get it, I will help someone else again."

Annelein Van Reien / 19

"I came here because after six years of travelling and working in the fashion industry, I wanted to try something different with my brain. I like solving problems and puzzles, so when I ended at the 42 piscine I really liked it. But what particularly grabbed me was peer-to-peer learning. It is important for me that I can continue traveling later and with coding, you can actually go anywhere in the world."

Flint Hignett / 25

"I chose 42 because I can focus on the things I really want to learn and not waste my time and energy on tests, of which I will have forgotten the answers in no time anyway. With 42, I grew the confidence that I can learn anything with enough determination and time because only after I was stuck on an issue for a sufficient amount of time will I remember the solution for this issue forever."

Moana Marcello / 31