Our admission process is designed to detect your talent & motivation to learn, regardless of your past experiences.

Motivation, curiosity, and perseverance are the only requirements! We do not take previous education, diplomas, or experience into account. We want everybody at 42 Wolfsburg, regardless of gender, ethnicity, and age - You just need to be at least 18!


Please apply by completing the following steps:

  1. Fill out your details on our registration page and confirm your email.
  2. Complete 2 logical tests  – This step tests your learning attitude (i.e., motivation and persistence). The games take about 90min to complete without any pause, so make sure you are undisturbed.
  3. If you pass the game, an invitation to an online video-conference introduction will follow. You will meet the team and your peers, learn more about the curriculum, and get answers to all your questions.
  4. After the introduction, you are ready to register for the immersive 4-week Bootcamp - the Piscine. The final part of our admission process is a full coding crash course where you get a real taste of the 42 education approach and determine if you are open and ready for hard work and if 42 Wolfsburg is a good fit!
  5. Begin your studies at the next kick-off date (May or November).