42 Wolfsburg is a place for innovators, go-getters, and visionaries. It’s our duty to provide our students with the tools and space they need to succeed.

Located in the heart of Wolfsburg, our campus is a brand new space designed to inspire creativity, comfort and collaboration. The campus cradles 4 exciting spaces for students to explore their passion for programming — a video lab, a social media lab, an AR/VR lab and the infamous FabLab are all open 24/7, 365 days a year to all attending students. There’s more. The facility is equipped with all amenities to make you feel at home. This includes a board game and gaming space, a kitchen, a place to hang out, an event space, a space to rest and even showers.








At 42 we come together to learn, collaborate and strive to be our best selves1. The following principles are inspired by the Burning Community, the United Nations Global Compact, The Hacker Ethic and Ray Dalio‘s principles. They are the foundations of our school’s values:


How we build

Radical inclusion.

We sail under all colors, genders, and ages. We build for everyone and care for eachother.

Participation at heart.

Build larger, not smaller tables, encourage participation, help others be their best selves and be liberal with giving and receiving feedback.

Use tech for good.

Continuously assess and discuss the whys and hows of our projects to maximize positive impact. Always check-in with your ethical compass in anything you build.


How we grow

Sharing and gifting.

Always give constructive feedback. Feedback is also a muscle to train. Open source is a great catalyst for learning these principles.

Embrace freedom of expression.

Speak your mind and respect others. Assume good intentions. Be aware of your own bias and other perspectives.

Be strict but fair.

Rules aren’t here to limit you, but to help yourself and others grow.

Take ownership.

Own and take responsibility in what you do. Be proud of what you build. Leave things tidier than how you found them. We all share the same spaces.

Live harmoniously.

Learn hard, play hard. It’s all about the “joie de vivre” in the end. Learn to be free and choose the life you want to live.


The FabLab is an open maker space to learn about using all sorts of prototyping tools and specialized development. Students at our FabLab get to work with 3D printers and laser cutters; they get to create prototypes with sensors, controllers, engines, dashboards; and the list goes on. With a focus on projects in the automotive and mobility industries, this is the place to bring cutting edge ideas to life.

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The VR/AR lab is home to a place for students to work on all sorts of VR and AR applications. It’s equipped with:

  • 5 VR glasses
  • 1 Microsoft Hololens 2
  • 2 server stations for app development and rendering
  • a green screen for tracking fields
  • sensors for the HTC glasses


The Video and Social Media labs are fully equipped with the tools you’ll need to create video content for projects, conduct experiments for social media tools and even make use of the podcast booth. Here’s a list of the equipment students have access in these labs:

  • a Sony camera system video recordings
  • Microphones, headsets and a Rodecaster Pro for the integrated podcast booth
  • 3 stationary 360 degree Panansonic camera
  • A tricaster (videomic mixer system)
  • 5 microphone radio links
  • Various room microphones
  • An audio mixer
  • Spotlights and lighting mixer
  • A dedicated presentation computer for the green screen
  • Video controllers to use for streams via Skype, Zoom, etc.
  • Fiber optic internet connection