Given the current Covid outlook, we have decided to offer applicants of the Piscines in February, March, and April to participate entirely remote! If the pandemic allows it, we will still offer those who can come to the school to do the piscine there or in a hybrid online-offline setup.


What will the remote/hybrid piscine look like?

Currently, we are working together with the 42 schools from around the world to develop the best experience for you to interact, ask questions, and be part of the learning community completely online. We are determined to bring the 42 learning model online, including solutions to allow for social interactions and arrangements for the excellent online peer-to-peer learning experience for everyone. And importantly we will make sure that everyone has equal access to succeed!

A quick overview of how the remote piscine is going to work:

  • Before the start of the Piscine, we do a check-in with all participants to optimize your learning-from-home set-up. Note: if you need a computer or better internet connection we will aim to support you with that.
  • The first week of the remote piscine is dedicated to community building and ensuring everybody feels at home in the virtual 42 learning ecosystem. And we organize online activities that will help you to get to know each other.
  • The remaining three weeks are centered around learning programming together with your peers.
  • We set up a Discord server with channels where people can chat, learn and speak before, during and after the learning adventures.
  • We use a special service called “codeserver” where you can develop your code, without your wifi connection or laptop speed affecting your learning process.
  • You will become part of a “house” community (like in Hogwarts) with around 7 other Pisciners to make sure everyone has a crew that sees and checks on you to maximise your chances of success at the Piscine.



Will the curriculum also be remote?

When you are selected to join as a student at 42 Wolfsburg, you can start with your curriculum! We are planning for two different scenarios for what happens in May:

Scenario 1: Covid-19 numbers are much better and many of us are getting vaccinated. Under these circumstances we are looking forward to having you come to 42 Wolfsburg to follow the curriculum onsite because that will allow you to take full advantage of the school and its pedagogy. The main reason why our focus is to offer you the curriculum on site is that peer-learning on a long-term basis works best in person.

Scenario 2: We are still in a pandemic situation. During the pandemic - or if you are not allowed to travel to Wolfsburg - we will offer you to study the curriculum remotely. As soon as Covid-19 is under control, we will move to scenario 1 and are looking forward to celebrating our learning community in-person in Wolfsburg.

Importantly, we are working on setting up a remote study trial. This trial is for a limited group of students who don’t have the means to come to Wolfsburg at least 1 day per week. This experiment is built to learn what works and what doesn’t when offering the study remotely. Of course, we do not know if the result of the trial is that we will extend studying remotely or move back to 100% on-site. As soon as you win the online game, we will share with you an application form where you can indicate your interest in participating in the remote study trial.

Please also note that, unfortunately, we will only accept students who do hold an EU passport or have a visa to be able to stay and study in Germany. We also wont select applications from students who want to remain working a full-time job.

Are all Piscines going to be remote?

The Piscines of February, March and April will be remote. If the pandemic allows, we are planning to organize the Piscines for the summer of 2021 in person.

How does peer-to-peer learning work online?

The remote Piscine is designed to accommodate peer-learning. The village supports your daily life, a smaller and closer group with which you can share the learnings of the projects and the personal challenges. The objective is to support the exchange of knowledge, experiences and learning!

Can I do the online piscine part-time?

During your Piscine, it is close to impossible to work. Candidates spend an average of 60 hours per week in the Selection Piscine to progress and learn to program. This will also remain during the Online Piscine

What if I don't have a computer or a wifi set-up?

When you sign-up to the Piscine, we share a form with you where you can indicate your learning-from-home set-up. Based on your answers in this form, we will reach out to you to think of a solution together.