We are working with local, national and international patners to foster a healthy ecosystem for applied software engineering. Volkswagen has sponsored to kick off 42Wolfsburg and we are working with a variety of partners for scholarships, internships and academic projects.


42 Wolfsburg is part of the #42network, a private, non-profit, tuition-free world-class software engineering school. Our first campus opened its doors in 2013 in Paris. Since then, we have become a worldwide network that unites over 30 campuses and trains 10.000 highly qualified engineers per year.


We are continuing the 42 vision of making high-quality digital education and opportunities accessible for everyone, everywhere for free. 42 Wolfsburg is now bringing this innovative education model to Germany, thanks to Volkswagen's support and its dedication to the 42 mission.

„We are shaping the digital future of Volkswagen. To do this, we need committed and creative top talent who want to make a difference. 42 Wolfsburg enables young people to professionalize software development in an innovative way. We are proud to be a partner of 42 Wolfsburg and look forward to close cooperation.“

Beate Hofer - CIO of Volkswagen

"The world needs more software competence, and 42 Wolfsburg addresses this need in a cool, completely new way.“

Dr. Ralf Brunken - Vice-Chairman of 42 Wolfsburg´s Board & Head of Volkswagen AutoUni


42 trains highly qualified engineers with real-world skills since 2013. Our unconventional hands-on approach to coding education is recognized worldwide. With 5000+ alumni, 42 students are trusted everywhere, from Fortune 500 companies to small startups and everything in between.


42 Wolfsburg is found on the vocation to train and deliver the most skilled experts to the tech world. Our peer-to-peer project-based learning method prepares students to bring value to all contexts, anticipate and answer to your company's needs with:

  • Strong work ethics & self-management: time management and self-management are critical for success at 42 Wolfsburg. The flexible learning pace pushes our students to build self-discipline to complete their work, a crucial quality for the workplace.
  • Resourcefulness & agile analytical thinking: our project-based learning approach puts students in an environment where they have to solve rigorous problems creatively. Resilience & initiative are nurtured at 42 because our students know their solutions have to work to move on to the next levels.
  • Leadership and collaborative capabilities: the 42 curriculum is project-centric. Our students learn the importance of efficient communication, conflict & bottleneck resolution very early on because they know that they have to work together to succeed.
  • Confidence in judgment & competency: our approach to mastery differs significantly from traditional coding education methods. To move to the program's next levels, our students need to have complete command of the project, its associated skills, and their software has to function 100% of the time.

The 42 Wolfsburg rigorous curriculum and approach ensures students are ready to apply their expertise with the highest attention & scrutiny of processes to mission-critical areas in all industries and fields.


The no courses, no classes approach of 42 eliminates the restrictions of traditional academic calendars. Our students are ready for internships and employment throughout the year.

42 Wolfsburg's students are encouraged and required to complete two internships during critical intermediary periods of their academic career:

  • First Internship: for 4 to 6 months (approximately after 9 months of studies)
    Our students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a professional environment after mastering the first part of their training.
  • Final Internship: for 6 months at the end of their training
    A gateway to the job market and our students' final step towards growing their expertise before starting their careers.

With 42 Wolfsburg, your organization gains access to highly trained candidates. We also make sure that your organization's needs are understood and matched with the ideal candidate.


„Germany has a long tradition and visceral understanding of using apprenticeships for highly skilled technical training. It is hence very well suited to bring the 42 approach to software engineering.“

Vint Cerf - Google VP & Chief Internet Evangelist also known as one of the Fathers of the Internet

"Good software developers are always needed for developing Wikimedia open-source software projects, such as Wikipedia. I am looking forward to getting access to top talent via 42.“

Abraham Taherivand - Executive Director, Wikimedia Deutschland

„We develop software and apps for the next generation's automotive industry at the Volkswagen Digital:Lab in Berlin. We are very much looking forward to 42 students, who will be able to help us shape the future with their cutting-edge coding skills and entrepreneurial spirit.“

Jochen Scherl - Director Volkswagen Digital:Lab

„42 doesn't only create new pathways into technology careers but offers a radical and progressive new vision for lifelong learning. Students work on meaningful projects, they solve challenging problems, and they learn to be effective members of a team. Those are exactly the skills we need to tackle the big challenges of our times.“

Philipp Schmidt - MIT Media Lab Director of Digital Learning + Collaboration Studio


We are firm believers that changing the world is enacted through partnerships and collaboration. Accordingly, we pair up, connect, and welcome all sorts of players and stakeholders that support education access, skill development, and pipelines to tech careers.

From developing programs to creating recruitment opportunities and pathways to the workforce, joined efforts and communities are the answer to positively impacting lives and our shared reality locally, nationally, and globally.


There are many ways to partner and connect with 42 Wolfsburg! Whether you're looking to recruit, pursue real-world projects, workshops, or hackathons, you can connect with our partnerships team to explore how we can best serve your business or organization and how we can partner to impact tech and education together!

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