As a school that very much teaches “applied software engineering”, we run a steady exchange of ideas, projects, and people with our partners. We are also a not-for-profit organization, so we rely on you for financial support.


Access to talent

  • Advertise open positions in the internal 42 network and get access to students from the global 42 network.
  • Offer Internships and Werkstudent positions (starting February. 2022) during dedicated partner events (e.g. Job fairs). We’ll support with communication, but also project definition and preparation.

Get involved

  • Mentor our students
  • Give a masterclass/talk about your area expertise
  • Appear on our website and be present in all our communications

Shape the future of software engineering

  • Enrich our curriculum with needs and technology that matters to your organisation
  • Have a chance to lead some of our special interests Groups (e.g. AI – Cloud – Automotive IT)
  • Engage in the fellowship programme: mentor students, organise webinars & skill sharing sessions, run special interest groups or engage in joint projects at 42.


42 Wolfsburg is found on the vocation to train and deliver the most skilled experts to the tech world. Our peer-to-peer project-based learning method prepares students to bring value to all contexts, anticipate and answer to your company’s needs with:

  • Strong work ethics & self-management: time management and self-management are critical for success at 42 Wolfsburg. The flexible learning pace pushes our students to build self-discipline to complete their work, a crucial quality for the workplace.
  • Resourcefulness & agile analytical thinking: our project-based learning approach puts students in an environment where they have to solve rigorous problems creatively. Resilience & initiative are nurtured at 42 because our students know their solutions have to work to move on to the next levels.
  • Leadership and collaborative capabilities: the 42 curriculum is project-centric. Our students learn the importance of efficient communication, conflict & bottleneck resolution very early on because they know that they have to work together to succeed.
  • Confidence in judgment & competency: our approach to mastery differs significantly from traditional coding education methods. To move to the program’s next levels, our students need to have complete command of the project, its associated skills, and their software has to function 100% of the time.

The 42 Wolfsburg rigorous curriculum and approach ensures students are ready to apply their expertise with the highest attention & scrutiny of processes to mission-critical areas in all industries and fields.


The no courses, no classes approach of 42 eliminates the restrictions of traditional academic calendars. Our students are ready for internships and employment throughout the year.

42 Wolfsburg’s students are encouraged and required to complete two internships during critical intermediary periods of their academic career:

  • First Internship: for 4 to 6 months (approximately after 9 months of studies)
    Our students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a professional environment after mastering the first part of their training.
  • Final Internship: for 6 months at the end of their training
    A gateway to the job market and our students’ final step towards growing their expertise before starting their careers.

With 42 Wolfsburg, your organization gains access to highly trained candidates. We also make sure that your organization’s needs are understood and matched with the ideal candidate.


Donation: Donate (Spende) and let the 42 team decide what to use the funds for.

Co-Marketing: Associate your brand with 42 and spread the word.

Fellowship: Engage with students by mentoring or running project

Internships: Offer internships to 42 students. Our students complete 2 paid, 6-months long internships, which in many cases lead to full-time employment. We expect our students to be ready for the first internships in Q1 2022. Please contact us for more information.

Scholarships: Help students in need.


Contact our Partnership Manager Jörn Möller (