Our Team

Our team works hard to make sure the student experience is the best it can be. Our team is small but determined, motivated by our shared goal that brings us together at every step of the way. We bring our whole selves to work, allow our differences to complement one another's, and share a lot of laughs.


DR. Max Senges

Max – who just turned 44 – leads 42 Wolfsburg & 42 Berlin both in terms of bootstrapping the schools‘ operations as well as setting partnerships and strategic evolution. Before 42 he spent almost 11 years at Google where he worked as Lead for Research Partnerships and Internet Governance. While in California (2014-2018) Max worked as Program Manager for Google Research where he built and led Google‘s IoT R&D Expedition. Later he became the Head of Google‘s Hardware User Research team. For more than 8 years Max works for and collaborates with Vint Cerf on Internet Governance, interoperability and open standards. Max holds a PhD in the Information and Knowledge Society Program from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) in Barcelona as well as a Masters in Business Information Systems from the University of Applied Sciences Wildau (Berlin). 


Guillaume Calvi

Guillaume leads our pedagogy to ensure that each student has the best learning experience possible and works hard to provide a supportive environment that is optimised for problem solving, collaboration, and play. Guillaume is interested in totally random things, such as Eurovision, music quizzes, or French cities and their history. Being a 42 alumnus himself, Guillaume uses his first-hand experience of 42 to take students to the limits of their academic capabilities and desires, and prepare them for the world of tomorrow.

Hospitality & Community Lead

Bethan Williams

Bethan comes from a tiny town on the North Wales coast and somehow landed up in the middle of Germany is a grey city called Wolfsburg. She studied French and German at Cardiff University and in order to make sure she got her money’s worth, she moved to Wolfsburg at 22. She’s worked a variety of jobs but mainly spent her adult years working in retail. She has an ear for languages and is fluent in both English and German, can speak French at a beginner level, knows enough Welsh to get by and is currently, slowly learning Greek. She is passionate about coaching, developing and helping people realise their potential. She likes having responsibilities and finding solutions to problems. 


Janett Kalina

Janett leads our operations and, in that function, nails down contracts as well as boards, planks and picture frames. Before 42 Wolfsburg, she was CEO at a Berlin-based agency for digital citizen participation after being CEO and co-owner of a mobility consulting firm for 7 years.


Pratikkumar Prajapati

Pratik started his career as a game developer for 3 years. When he got inspired by car racing games, he switched to the automotive industry as a software engineer. With this experience in hand, he is ready to embark on the 42 journey where he will be sharing his knowledge with students and contribute to an open-source software community!

International Program Manager


Tim has joined 42 to help build the new international program wing, starting with our flagship SEA:ME project on autonomous mobility. His background is in higher education, where he started working as org and teaching assistant while studying at Freie Universität Berlin, and later went on to work for Canadian, Turkish, and German universities while remaining based in Berlin. The international dimension of higher education as well as building new operations, sites, teams, and processes have been at the heart of Tim’s work. Program buildup at 42 is the next exciting challenge – yet more so since the field is inspiring and cutting-edge, and the mission non-profit and inclusive.



Josef works as a bridge builder, a cross-sector translator and a network organiser for both 42 Wolfsburg and Berlin. His main focus is unlocking the potential of our software and industry partnerships for the benefit of students & partners, including running our fellowship and internship programmes. In the past, Josef has worked with global tech companies, such as Microsoft and a number of non-profit organisations, to foster cross-sector dialogue and find meaningful solutions to address the lack of diversity in the tech industry, the shortage of IT professionals and outdated credential-driven hiring practices. At 42, Josef is excited to bring together stakeholders from business and education to continue this work.

Marketing & PR Lead

Max Reinhardt

Max is the Marketing Lead for 42 Wolfsburg and is responsible for everything related to the brand of our LearningSpaceShip. He gets the word out there and coordinates all kinds of campaigns that attract students to Wolfsburg. After studying Sports Management and adding a MBA with a focus on innovation, Max has worked for a small agency and Co-Founded a Coffee Start-Up before joining 42. When he is not watching sports on TV, he loves to be active himself. Max played water polo (the one without horses) in Germany’s top division for a couple of years after turning his attention to half-marathons and triathlons. But don’t be fooled: He is awesome at being lazy as well. 

Digital Marketing Manager

Vlad Tudakov

Vlad is passionate about the creative uses of technology. His personal mission is to accelerate diversity, equality, and inclusion in tech. After finishing his studies in New Media and Digital Culture, he joined 42 Wolfsburg to help build its community and spread the 42 mission across the cyberspace.


Toni Bodenstein

Toni helps us operate and maintain our technology, handles the administration of the network at the school, and ensures that all server infrastructure is up and running on site. He also supports us in the design-related implementation of our core websites. He attaches great importance to internet security and data protection, whether in the private or business sector, and is an advocate of open source projects.


Lotte Hagemann

Lotte has found her love for problem solving programming while attending the piscine in September 2018 at Codam (42 Amsterdam). Before 42 she finished a studies in Media Design Game Artist learning the ins and outs of what it takes to create art for video games. These studies allowed her to do an internship at Viacom International Media Networks, creating social media content for the European channels of MTV, Comedy Central, Spike and Nickelodeon. After 9 months of studying at Codam she landed a contract to work part time as a Junior Developer for a finance company and has now joined the 42 Wolfsburg team as an intern to further spread her passion for coding.