Our Team

We are a diverse team here to help you grow, learn and succeed. Each of us has their specific role, but we all share the same goal: to make your experience at 42 Wolfsburg the best you could wish for.


DR. Max Senges

Max leads 42 Wolfsburg and is busy bootstrapping the school’s operations, setting partnerships, and strategic evolution. Before 42, he spent almost 11 years at Google, where he worked as Lead for Research Partnerships and Internet Governance. For more than 8 years, Max works and collaborates with Vint Cerf on Internet Governance, interoperability, and open standards


Jan Behrenbeck

Jan has spent the last 5 years pushing innovation in education at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) by co-creating and leading initiatives such as Think.Make.Start. In January 2021 he joined 42 Wolfsburg as Pedagogy Lead to bring a new learning paradigm to the masses. While 42 primarily focuses on students developing excellent software engineering skills he also wants to emphasise the generation of agency, entrepreneurial thinking and leadership.

Hospitality & Community Lead

Bethan Williams

Bethan is originally from Wales but moved to Wolfsburg in 2014. She is the friendly face at 42 Wolfsburg’s front desk as well as being the human info point for the school. She joined 42 after a seven-year stint in Retail Management and relishes the chance at working in such a rich learning environment.


Janett Kalina

Janett leads our operations and, in that function, nails down contracts as well as boards, planks and picture frames. Before 42 Wolfsburg, she was CEO at a Berlin-based agency for digital citizen participation after being CEO and co-owner of a mobility consulting firm for 7 years.


Pratikkumar Prajapati

Pratik started his career as a game developer for 3 years. When he got inspired by car racing games, he switched to the automotive industry as a software engineer. With this experience in hand, he is ready to embark on the 42 journey where he will be sharing his knowledge with students and contribute to an open-source software community!

International Program Manager


Tim has joined 42 to help build the new international program wing, starting with our flagship SEA:ME project on autonomous mobility. His background is in higher education, where he started working as org and teaching assistant while studying at Freie Universität Berlin, and later went on to work for Canadian, Turkish, and German universities while remaining based in Berlin. The international dimension of higher education as well as building new operations, sites, teams, and processes have been at the heart of Tim’s work. Program buildup at 42 is the next exciting challenge – yet more so since the field is inspiring and cutting-edge, and the mission non-profit and inclusive.


Jörn Möller

Jörn is in charge of partnerships and would love to introduce you to 42’s approach to educating the next generation of coders. He holds a diploma in journalism from the LMU University of Munich, is a graduate of Deutsche Journalistenschule, and is fluent in German, English, and Japanese. As a writer, he has been covering the digital revolution since the early 1990s. He also co-founded the StadtNet, Germany’s first online service, and spent six years as portal business manager with Microsoft’s MSN in Munich, London, and Seattle.

Digital Marketing Manager

Vlad Tudakov

Vlad is passionate about the social and creative side of technology. He wants to try and make the future of the tech industry more diverse, inclusive, and socially responsible. After finishing his studies in New Media and Digital Culture, he joined 42 Wolfsburg to help build its community and spread the 42 mission on social media.


Lotte Hagemann

Lotte has found her love for problem-solving programming while attending the piscine in September 2018 at Codam (42 Amsterdam). Before 42, she finished studies in Media Design Game Artist, learning the ins and outs of what it takes to create art for video games.


Do you want to become part of 42 Wolfsburg? Then you should have a passion for our mission and an extra portion of motivation. You’ll also fit in perfectly if you enjoy shaping the future of our school together, enjoy working in an easy-going team and can have a laugh. With us, you can realise your visions – in all areas of work.

Open positions:

Head of PR & Marketing

FabLab Manager 

Autonomous Driving Systems Developer & Learning Facilitator (Junior Researcher)

Distributed Embedded Systems Developer & Learning Facilitator (Junior Researcher)

Mobility Ecosystems Developer & Learning Facilitator (Junior Researcher)