SEA:ME stands for Software Engineering in Automotive and Mobility Ecosystems. With Volkswagen as co-initiator, our aim is to reshape the digital future of automotive innovation and work towards developing open sustainable standards for our mobility ecosystems.


The car of the future will listen to you, talk to you, know your favorite routes, music, and temperature settings. It will make sure you are driving safely, comfortably, and sustainably. It will be in constant communication with apps, maps, sensors, and mobility platforms. The car of the future will be running on code. One of 42 Wolfsburg’s main objectives is to introduce a brand new specialization track in Software Engineering Automotive & Mobility Ecosystem (SEA:ME). SEA:ME is an OER (Open Educational Resource) meant to become a reference point for #nextGenerationSoftwareEngineering in Automotive.

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This diagram outlines the development of the curriculum (alpha version, March 2022). Since we are still in the alpha version, this graph will evolve and we will optimize the projects on an ongoing basis, pursuing the core pedagogical values behind the whole program. Each dot in the graph defines a project and each ring defines the relationship between each project and reflects the level of difficulty, as well as its dependencies.

Please note that we have decided with our 42 Network partners to make a clear branding distinction between the Community of Practice that will together Software Engineers and Technology Experts from the Automotive and Mobility Industry, who are developing Open Educational Resources on SEA:ME and the 42 Mobility Specialization which will be closed source (but use many insights and inputs from SEA:ME).