Student Life

Many of our students comment that one of the highlights at 42 is the community. No matter where you come from, what you look like, or what you've done before, 42 is a welcoming and open community for those with a passion for technology, creativity and innovation.


Start your day on a computer. Try to solve a problem. Take part in an event. Network with the community. Befriend other people working on the same project. Find a solution to your problem while playing ping-pong. Implement a new method before leaving for a party. Meet up with other Pisciners. And do it all over again the next day. This is the daily life of a student at 42.


In order to animate the community, students are assigned to one of our coalitions: Elytra, Castra, and Fluvius. Selection is random and all the levels are mixed within a coalition. By participating in events and progressing through the curriculum, students earn points for their coalition and thereby compete for an honorary trophy at the end of the year. Note: during Piscines, special coalitions are set to drive candidates and help them progress as a group.


Wolfsburg is a young city with a high quality of life in the German province of Lower Saxony. Known for hosting the world’s largest car plant and the Volkswagen AG headquarters, the city is also home to several tech companies and large businesses. Wolfsburg comes with excellent infrastructure, ease of accessibility, and Germany’s biggest and most multifaceted public leisure and recreation park- perfect for studying outside, in a group, or by oneself. The cherry on top is that Wolfsburg is only an hour away from Berlin by train!


42 Wolfsburg offers one of the most innovative software engineering curricula entirely tuition-free. The 42 Wolfsburg Scholarships are part of our Enabling Program, which aims to foster entrepreneurship, enable candidates from all backgrounds to attend 42, and support community ventures at the school. In other words, our program has two dimensions: a) enabling value creation and a vibrant culture at the school, and b) promoting social justice and engagement.Thus, the program is an essential part of our work to fulfill our association’s mission: to promote education and support students on their way to become happy software engineers.