Who are we?

At 42, we believe in open standards and radical inclusion. Our educational model focuses on project-based peer-to-peer learning, rather than theoretical instruction. As we integrate the latest educational innovations, our goal is to empower the next leading generation of IT talent.

Our Vision

Since its creation in 2013, 42 has always been committed to providing the best possible tech education for individuals from all possible backgrounds. Our unique position in the world of higher education is based on strong values: inclusivity, open culture, tuition-free, and always striving towards excellence.

Our Values

42 Code of Honor

Radical inclusion.

We sail under all colors, genders, and ages. We build for everyone and care for eachother.

Participation at heart.

Build larger, not smaller tables, encourage participation, help others be their best selves, and be liberal with giving and receiving feedback.

Use tech for good.

Continuously assess and discuss the whys and hows of our projects to maximize positive impact. Always check-in with your ethical compass in anything you build.

Sharing and gifting.

Always give constructive feedback. Feedback is also a muscle to train. Open source is a great catalyst for learning these principles.

Embrace freedom of expression.

Speak your mind and respect others. Assume good intentions. Be aware of your own bias and other perspectives.

Be strict but fair.

Rules aren’t here to limit you, but to help yourself and others grow.

Take ownership.

Own and take responsibility for what you do. Be proud of what you build. Leave things tidier than how you found them. We all share the same spaces.

Live harmoniously.

Learn hard, play hard. It’s all about the “joie de vivre” in the end. Learn to be free and choose the life you want to live.

Lead by example.

Values for us are not empty buzzwords. Rather, we wish to lead by example and inspire our peers to live, practice and embody our values on a day-to-day basis.

These principles draw their inspiration from the ethos and culture of The Burning Man Community, The Hacker Ethic and Ray Dalio‘s principles.