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42 sets out to educate the next generation of european software engineers – this means meaningful work, excellent career opportunities and lots of responsibility.


42 is an innovative, higher education coding school that turns the traditional educational model on its head: Get an industry-leading, college-level education for free with no teachers, classes or books!

We cover your tuition fees, there are no teachers and we are open 24/7. And when you don’t have teachers or professors, you are in charge of your own success and that of your peers. At 42 you can learn what YOU want to learn! We believe that fostering your ability to think critically, enhance your ability to problem-solve, and be creative will prosper through hands-on projects. 42 is not only more effective learning but also much more fun. In the end, this creates a real community of lifelong learners and empowers you to evolve into a well-rounded software engineer with an entrepreneural mindset grounded in european values.

In Wolfsburg, we have a focus on the future of automotive, sustainable mobility ecosystems as well as industry 4.0 -- so if autonomous driving, IOT and enterprise solutions are your thing you are at the right place. But also if you dont know yet or if these focus themes are not your thing: We offer the full programming stack 42 curriculum - You'll learn skills that are universally applicable in the IT world and the independent- and peer-learning mindset will serve you a lifetime.

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“42 Wolfsburg will be the perfect school for the talented students interested in a mix between Hogwarts, the MIT Media Lab and Ferdinand Porsches Meisterschule”

CEO & Headmaster of 42 Wolfsburg


We cover your fees

We believe that everyone should have the chance to become a top-notch software engineer! All you need to bring along is motivation, the willingness to learn and a collaborative spirit!

Peer Learning

In peer-learning you tackle learning challenges as you implement projects. You and your team find answers to upcoming issues through online research, guidance from 42 and try and error with your peers. With your peers and the internet, there is nothing you cannot solve! And when you get stuck, we are - of course - here to help you as well!

No requirements - except your dedication to learn and grow

We strongly believe that anyone can learn to code, regardless of age, gender or background. To join 42 Wolfsburg, you do not need any diplomas, degrees, training or previous experience in programming! In the Piscine you will find out if coding and 42 is for you - in those 4 weeks you can learn to code from absolute scratch and launch your coding career.

Project based

Our curriculum is entirely project based. These projects have been carefully created by experts, becoming increasingly more difficult, to challenge our students no matter your level! During the first 12 months and an internship, you've gained a strong foundation in coding, allowing you to deepen your knowledge in a specific domain such as Machine Learning, Software Engineering Automotive, Sustainable Mobility Ecosystems, Security, Open Internet and Standards or 3D visualisations.

Open around the clock

42 Wolfsburg is open 24/7, 365 days a year. We are based in the Markthalle, where we can hosts events, cook in our kitchen, take a nap, play games and hang out. We even have showers! There are 250 new iMacs waiting for you. We have all you need to feel right at home.

We are on a mission

As said, 42Wolfsburg sets out to educate the next generation of European software engineers to build the digital infrastructure of tomorrow – this means meaningful work, excellent career opportunities and lots of responsibility. We believe in the open web, open standards, open source and open innovation.

Our new approach is based on state of the art elearning combined with peer-learning and then, during the internships, on learning from the best senior developers in the industry. This empowers you to become independent learners, fun-loving team players and real problem solvers. The combined focus on software engineering and entrepreneurship creates a sense of ownership for identifying and pursuing learning and project opportunities.

Our students learn to develop software and technology that more and more become key elements of our lives - think of your smart phone, your car or smart home. We are aiming to train you to have a holistic view of innovation and respect the societal dimensions next to the technological and economic opportunities.


The first 42 campus was founded in 2013 in Paris with the vision of creating a coder training facility like no other previously conceived - with a unique pedagogy. Students develop valuable interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate with people at different levels of understanding. Furthermore, this peer-based learning model is ever changing to meet the current and future needs of the tech world, meaning to develop a critical long-term foundation but also real-time marketplace skills.


The philanthropic endeavors have now developed into a worldwide network with 31 Campuses and 9,000 students.


4500+ Alumni worldwide
31 Campuses in 21 countries
100% Job guarantee
2 schools in Germany (Heilbronn and Wolfsburg)

“42 Wolfsburg is in many ways a revolution in the educational landscape for me. It is a TOP software school without any admission requirements except talent, a school with a high quality, gamified education without teachera, that produces graduates that are globally sought after. It is a trailblazer for the future of education.”

President 42 Wolfsburg e.V.
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