Bridging the Tech Gender Gap:
Reflections from our Women-Only Discovery Piscine

The tech industry in Germany, with a workforce where women make up just 17%, is a stark reminder of the gender gap that persists. Addressing this imbalance was the driving force behind our Discovery Piscine for Women, a recently concluded 5-day program designed to introduce women to the world of web development. Our goal with the Discovery Piscine was straightforward yet ambitious: to create an inclusive environment where women, irrespective of their backgrounds, could learn, grow, and explore the possibilities in tech. 

Watch out for our upcoming special event for International Women’s Day on Fri, Mar 8, 2024, as we continue to celebrate and empower women in tech.

Embracing a New Learning Approach

The program united women from various backgrounds, each with her own story. Charmi Patel, an experienced front-end developer, found the program’s methodology refreshingly different. “The hands-on, project-based approach here is quite different from what I’ve experienced before,” she remarks, highlighting the program’s practical, immersive nature.

For some participants like Ann, the program was a journey of self-discovery. “I came with a simple curiosity about programming, but I’m leaving with a strong interest and desire to learn more.” This sentiment was echoed by many others who began the program with tentative interest but left with a newfound passion for tech.

The campus of 42 Wolfsburg played a crucial role in fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. “The campus was more than just a place to learn; it was where we could engage openly and build connections,” notes another participant. This sense of community and open engagement was instrumental in creating a supportive learning atmosphere.


Beyond Coding: Learning to Collaborate

One of the significant outcomes of the program was the development of soft skills. Patel explains, “I learned the importance of clear communication and teamwork. It’s fascinating to see how people with different life experiences can come together to solve problems.” This focus on communication and teamwork highlights our educational model’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded tech professionals.

Participants encountered various challenges, from adapting to new technologies to overcoming personal barriers. The program’s supportive environment, emphasizing collaboration and peer learning, was instrumental in helping them overcome these obstacles.

As the program concluded, many participants looked to the future with renewed ambition and confidence. The experience has opened up new possibilities and paths in the tech industry, underscoring the program’s impact beyond just technical learning.

The Discovery Piscine for Women at 42 Wolfsburg represents a crucial step towards reducing the gender gap in tech. Looking ahead, the experiences of these participants illustrate the real impact that inclusive and diverse educational approaches can have in reshaping the technology sector.

Our next Piscine starts on March 4th. This is your opportunity to become part of our thriving community at 42 Wolfsburg. Apply now and begin your journey in tech with us.

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