How I Landed in 42 Wolfsburg’s Prestigious Coding Program

by Chinwendu Agbaetuo

In the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, where the bustling cityscape meets the tranquil shores of the Atlantic, my life took an unexpected turn. It was an ordinary evening in my lovely apartment, the cool air from my air conditioner providing some respite from the African heat. Little did I know, I was on the verge of embarking on an extraordinary journey leading me to 42 Wolfsburg in Germany.

That fateful evening, I found myself on YouTube, searching for relocation opportunities for software engineers. As I scrolled through various videos, one particular title caught my eye: “Free Software Education in Germany – No Experience Required” Intrigued, I clicked on it. The video introduced me to a revolutionary concept, an innovative school that offered a unique path to becoming a software developer. 42 Wolfsburg, they called it, a school that followed no traditional curriculum, had no teachers, and best of all, it was tuition-free. The first step to joining was to pass a two-hour online logic game that assessed problem-solving skills, logic, and determination.

Then, the next day, I received an email. My heart raced as I clicked on it. It was from 42 Wolfsburg, congratulating me on passing the online test. My life had taken a pivotal turn, and I was offered the opportunity to attend the piscine – an intensive, month-long coding boot camp in Germany that would determine my fate. I was overjoyed, yet the challenges ahead were daunting.

The visa application process was meticulous, and the interview was nerve-wracking. I explained my passion for software development and my dream to study at 42 Wolfsburg. Finally, I was issued a visa, a symbol of my determination and a ticket to a brighter future. With the visa in hand, I left Nigeria for Germany, ready to embark on a transformative journey.

With determination and unwavering focus, I packed my bags and left Nigeria for Germany. The challenges ahead were daunting, and I was venturing into the unknown, leaving behind the familiar sights and sounds of Lagos for the bustling streets of Wolfsburg.



The piscine was an intense month of coding, challenges, and sleepless nights. I met other aspiring developers from all corners of the globe, each with their unique stories and dreams.

During the intensive piscine program at 42 Wolfsburg, we delved into shell and C programming. It was a challenging but immensely rewarding experience, where we honed our skills in these fundamental areas of software development. From mastering shell commands to diving deep into C programming, and working on weekend projects, we gained a strong foundation that would serve as a cornerstone for our future endeavours in the tech world.

Amidst the intense coding sessions and the challenging program, 42 Wolfsburg also offered a breath of fresh air through various activities. These events were a welcome break, providing much-needed relaxation and opportunities to unwind. From the vibrant celebrations of Octoberfest to the cheerful and entertaining karaoke night, popcorn and movie night, to the Spotlight Digital Mobility event, Ladies Meeting, the Reflection sessions, German Breakfast event etc these activities added a touch of balance to our lives during the piscine. They allowed us to bond with fellow students, share moments of joy, and recharge our spirits before diving back into the world of coding and learning.

As the rigorous piscine program at 42 Wolfsburg reached its conclusion, the culmination of our hard work and dedication was the final exam. It was a moment of both anticipation and determination as we put our newly acquired skills in C programming to the test. The final exam was the ultimate challenge, an opportunity to showcase our growth and knowledge. It marked the end of an intense chapter and the beginning of a new one in our journey to becoming proficient software developers.

A few days after the nerve-wracking final exam, an email arrived that would change everything. It was a message I had been eagerly waiting for, the one that held the verdict of my performance. With bated breath, I opened the email and read the words that filled me with joy and relief: “Congratulations, you have passed.” It was a confirmation that all the hard work and dedication had paid off, and I was one step closer to achieving my dream of becoming a proficient software developer.

Finally, I am a student in a unique educational setting at 42 Wolfsburg, a school that defies conventional norms. It is a place where the traditional concept of education is redefined – a school entirely project-based, devoid of professors or formal lectures. Instead, the emphasis is on hands-on learning, where students delve into real-world projects, allowing their creativity and problem-solving abilities to flourish.

The absence of professors means a different kind of learning environment. We, the students, are responsible for our progress. Collaboration, peer learning, and the drive for self-improvement are the driving forces behind our education. It is a place where the pursuit of knowledge is self-directed, where the practical application of skills takes precedence over theoretical learning.

The school’s philosophy challenged me to think independently, solve problems creatively, and work collaboratively. It is a dynamic and engaging approach to education that fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter and prepares one for the ever-evolving landscape of the tech industry.

At 42 Wolfsburg, I discovered a new way of learning, one that empowered me to take charge of my education and explore the endless possibilities of software development.

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(This article is a repost from the original piece by Chinwendu Agbaetuo, published on LinkedIn, which can be found here)

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