Meet Danyil: The 100th Graduate of 42 Wolfsburg!

Reaching our 100th graduate at 42 Wolfsburg isn’t just a milestone; it’s a moment to spotlight the unique journeys that bring our numbers to life. Danyil Sas marks this special count. 

Before joining 42 Wolfsburg, Danyil studied at the Faculty of Information Technology at CTU in Prague, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. After completing the Common Core at 42, Danyil has transitioned into an exciting role at CARIAD, where he’s currently involved in developing Predictive Safety ADAS systems. 

CARIAD is Volkswagen’s tech arm focused on developing software for autonomous driving and connected car services. Their goal is to enhance the digital experience in vehicles across Volkswagen’s brands, simplifying and improving how car software is designed and integrated.

This piece delves into Danyil’s experiences at 42 Wolfsburg, contrasts them with his previous academic life, and offers a glimpse into his daily work at a company that’s driving the future of automotive technology.

Our Interview with Danyil 

Can you tell us a bit about your background and what led you to study Computer Science?

I have been interested in computers, technologies, and everything connected to them from a very young age. The choice to study Computer Science came quite easily and I made my mind up about it pretty early, around the age of 13 or 14.

What motivated you to join 42 Wolfsburg after your studies in Prague?

Because of the situation in the world and also family reasons, I ended up in Germany in 2022. By coincidence, I discovered 42 Wolfsburg, and the project-based learning approach appealed to me from the very beginning. My university education didn’t meet my expectations, making me learn 90% of redundant information (or at least what I found redundant). The COVID times also ruined my studies at uni for the whole year, preventing me from fully enjoying and experiencing university life. Considering multiple factors, I decided to give 42 a try, believing I had nothing to lose.

How does the learning experience at 42 Wolfsburg, especially compare to your previous education at CTU?

The learning experience at 42 is not for everyone, but it was an ideal fit for me. I have always enjoyed learning by creating something and hated useless theory in university, subjects I would forget 10 minutes after the exam and never need again. 

42 is not for people who expect an academic style of learning and are afraid to start doing something before everything has been explained to them. The whole experience is definitely much more fun and a bit more real-life oriented since you get used to creating projects with little to no prior knowledge of the field. CTU is also a really good university, one of the best in Europe, which gave me a lot of knowledge and the ability to face challenges and pick up new technology quickly.

What were some of the most challenging aspects of the core curriculum at 42, and what stood out or surprised you the most about it?

Having had some decent experience before coming to 42, I wouldn’t say I found anything particularly challenging. The education here was more relaxing than uni. Group projects stood out for me as the most challenging ones and definitely made me learn the most.

How did the hands-on, peer-to-peer learning approach at 42 Wolfsburg impact your understanding and skills in computer science & software development?

The hands-on approach to learning is the best thing ever for me personally, though it might not fit everyone. But this definitely helps in a professional career. The peer-to-peer approach is something I didn’t fully experience since I usually had enough knowledge and googling skills to continue on my own. However, explaining something to peers made me learn quite a lot. In general, soft skills are something that 42 helps with, and that’s a useful skill in any point in life, not only a career.

At 42, students are always involved in collaborative tasks and peer reviews. This setup fosters constructive feedback and shared learning. Such continuous interaction builds confidence, adaptability, and leadership qualities, making 42 students well-rounded professionals ready for any challenge.

Can you describe your role as an intern at CARIAD and the projects you are working on?

I am an intern in the ADAS active safety functions virtual validation (simulation and resimulation) team. I have been working on various different topics, all of which are connected to the tooling required for resimulation.*

(*So what does that mean exactly?)

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) active safety functions refer to technologies in vehicles that help improve safety and reduce the likelihood of accidents. These include features like automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, and adaptive cruise control.

Virtual validation involves using computer simulations to test these safety functions instead of relying solely on physical prototypes. This method allows for extensive testing under various scenarios without the time and cost associated with real-world testing.

Simulation refers to the process of creating a virtual model of the vehicle and its environment to test how the ADAS functions behave. Resimulation involves re-running these simulations with adjusted parameters or in different conditions to ensure the reliability and robustness of the ADAS features.

By working on tooling required for resimulation, Danyil contributes to developing and refining the software tools and frameworks that enable these virtual tests, ensuring that the ADAS systems are thoroughly validated before being implemented in real vehicles.

How has your education at 42 Wolfsburg prepared you for your internship at CARIAD?

Firstly, only thanks to 42 did I discover what CARIAD is. Automotive is something really specific, and it’s hard to be prepared for it without prior experience or studying in specific schools like SEA:ME. My general tech story, including 42, made me quite good at adapting to tasks and picking up new technologies quickly. That’s the main thing that has helped me a lot.

What are your future career aspirations, and how do you see your experience at 42 and CARIAD helping you achieve them?

I don’t have any specific aspirations; I love tech in general and am open to different outcomes and fields to work in. My main goal is to find a full-time position after my internship, preferably at CARIAD if such an opportunity arises. My internship has given me a huge amount of skills, both general ones like understanding how development works inside a large company and specific ones related to automotive technology. I’ve gained practical knowledge that I couldn’t have learned from textbooks alone, and it’s been incredibly rewarding to apply what I’ve learned in a real-world setting. I’m also considering the possibility of getting an RNCP certificate and hope that 42 Wolfsburg will be able to provide this opportunity in the near future.

Do you have any funny stories or advice for prospective students considering joining 42 Wolfsburg (or those interested in pursuing a career in mobility tech)?

I would advise not to be afraid of tech, learning and changing something about your life. 


Danyil Sas’s journey from Wolfsburg and into the tech-driven world of CARIAD highlights the transformative impact of 42 Wolfsburg’s unique educational approach. His story illustrates how 42’s project-based, hands-on learning can enhance traditional academic experiences. By embracing 42 Wolfsburg’s curriculum, Danyil developed practical skills, adapted to new challenges, and transitioned into a pivotal role at CARIAD, Volkswagen’s software arm.

Danyil’s reflections offer valuable insights: the importance of practical, peer-to-peer learning, the benefits of a project-driven curriculum, and the readiness to embrace new opportunities. His journey underscores the core values of 42 Wolfsburg—resilience, innovation, and a passion for technology.

As we celebrate our 100th graduate, we look forward to continuing to nurture and empower the next generation of tech innovators. Congratulations to Danyil and all our graduates who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible!

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