Charting New Paths:
Insights from Pietro, a 42 Alumnus

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of technology, the path to becoming a software engineer is as diverse and unique as the individuals who pursue it. Today, we’re exploring the journey of Pietro Nuti, a 42 Wolfsburg alumnus. His story takes us from the structured world of urban planning in Cagliari, Italy, to the innovative and complex realm of software engineering.

Pietro’s initial intrigue with coding sparked at the age of 15. However, the lack of a structured learning path led him to set aside his coding dreams temporarily, pursuing a Master’s in Urban Planning instead. It wasn’t until a move to Berlin, coupled with the challenges of the job market, that Pietro’s interest in software engineering rekindled, thanks to an Instagram ad for 42 Wolfsburg.

Interview with Pietro

Why did you choose to code?

“My path to software engineering wasn’t straightforward. I’ve been interested in coding since I was 15, but I lacked a structured program to guide me. After high school, I shifted to architecture, completing my Master’s in Urban Planning. Moving to Berlin and struggling to find a job was a turning point. That’s when I discovered 42 Wolfsburg’s ad for a C-based, no-cost curriculum, and I decided to give software engineering another shot. The rest, as they say, is history.”

What was your experience at 42 like?

“The learning curve at 42 is consistently steep, yet the projects are approachable. This environment taught me the crucial skill of learning how to learn, invaluable for both specialization and my day-to-day job. Although based in Berlin, I couldn’t engage daily on-site, but the vibrant online community of 42 was a significant aspect of my experience.”

How did you find your opportunity at Capgemini?

“As I was completing my last two projects at 42, I started applying for internships. Capgemini responded quickly, and after two interview rounds, I accepted their offer. My internship involved working on a C language project and a Java project. The C project was challenging due to its vast codebase and complex business logic. However, my prior experience in C++ made the transition to Java smoother than expected. At the end of my internship, I secured a full-time position as a Software Engineer with Capgemini.”

In summary, what were your key takeaways from 42?

“The most significant aspect of 42 for me was the attitude towards problem-solving and embracing new concepts. The curriculum and the community environment were instrumental in building this positive approach. Additionally, the technical skills I acquired were crucial. The curriculum is designed to empower students to build from the ground up, equipping me with essential software engineering skills like coding, system administration, OOP, and full-stack programming.”

Pietro’s journey from urban planning to software engineering is a testament to his adaptability and eagerness to learn. At 42 Wolfsburg, he didn’t just gain technical skills; he developed a mindset geared towards solving real-world tech challenges. As he advances in his career, Pietro continues to demonstrate the practical and adaptable approach nurtured at 42.

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