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42 Wolfsburg: Hogwarts for software engineers

With the support of Volkswagen, we are bringing the French success story École 42 to Wolfsburg. 42 is the kind of software academy that many young developers are dreaming of because they have the freedom to learn what they want at their own pace.

Latest Posts

Dmitrii’s ChooChoo App Takes on Public Transport

Meet Dmitrii, the brain behind ChooChoo—an iOS application that makes using public transport throughout Germany a little easier and more convenient! Discover how his passion and education merged to tackle real-world challenges in our latest blog post.

Real World Impact: Yuliia's Internship Experience at Porsche

Yuliia’s journey from an entrepreneurial venture in Ukraine to learning programming and joining a team at Porsche exemplifies the unexpected paths our program can forge. Join us as we explore Yuliia’s internship at Porsche, where we discuss her challenges, achievements, and the valuable lessons she learned.

Charting New Paths: Insights from Pietro, a 42 Alumnus

Discover Pietro inspiring career change from urban planning to software engineering in our latest blog piece. Learn how Pietro’s passion for coding, reignited by 42’s innovative curriculum, led him to a thriving career at Capgemini. 

Real-World Impact:
Insights from 42 Wolfsburg Alumni

The true measure of 42 Wolfsburg’s impact is reflected in the stories of its alumni. These narratives of transformation and growth highlight not just the breadth and depth of the education provided but also the real-world applications of the skills acquired.

Bridging the Tech Gender Gap:
Our Discovery Piscine for Women

Explore the empowering journey of women at 42 Wolfsburg’s Discovery Piscine. This blog delves into their transformative experience in web development, highlighting the importance of diversity in tech. Read firsthand accounts of their learning, collaboration, and growth in a dynamic, supportive environment.

Code the Future:
2022 Impact Report

The 2022 impact report for 42 Wolfsburg and 42 Berlin is now available! This comprehensive report chronicles our shared missions, notable achievements, and the core values that define us. It serves as both a testament to the remarkable progress we’ve made and a guiding light for the journey ahead, reminding us of our goals and aspirations.

Shaping Careers Together: 42 Wolfsburg and T-Systems 🤝

Learn about the successful transition of 42 Wolfsburg alumni, Madis and Michail, from interns to full-time roles at T-Systems, emphasizing the effectiveness of 42 Wolfsburg’s learning approach and the synergy between their educational model and T-Systems’ work environment.

Pioneering the Software-Driven Mobility Revolution

42 Mobility, launching in September 2023, is set to revolutionize software-driven transportation. Based in Wolfsburg, Europe’s mobility epicenter, the program collaborates with giants like Volkswagen to shape a seamless #FutureMobility for everyone.

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